Important Dates

Registration closes: June 15th, 2016

Abstract submission deadline: June 19th, 2016

Notice to successful applicants: June 27th, 2016

Confirmation of attendance has to be sent until: June 30th, 2016


With great pleasure we are hereby announcing the 2nd International Summer Symposium on Systems Biology (IS3B) taking place in Mexico City, Mexico from August 2nd - 4th 2016. The IS3B 2016 is organized by The Human Systems Biology Laboratory (HSBL), RAI-UNAM & INMEGEN.


The IS3B is currently the largest symposium on Systems Biology in Mexico and Latin America, and strives to unite leading researchers and students in an informal setting with the aim to present current research in Systems Biology and Systems Medicine. The aims of the meeting are:


1. Discuss current research in Systems Biology and its applications for understanding human diseases

2. Create an ambiance that enables scientific collaborations among experimental and theoretical groups working on human diseases.


To this extent we invite national and international researchers and students working in the aforementioned fields during all stages of their academic career with the possibility to present their work as a poster or short talk to a highly qualified research community.


The registration deadline has been extended until June 15th, 2016!


Osbaldo Resendis-Antonio, Ph D.

Human Systems Biology Laboratory



About Us

The HSBL is affiliated to the RAI-UNAM (Research Support Network, National Autonomous University of Mexico) & INMEGEN (National Institute of Genomic Medicine).


We have three main goals:


1 Contribute with design and development of methods and conceptual schemes to understand human metabolic diseases, especially cancer and diabetes.


2 Develop teaching and training programs in the area of Systems Biology in medical and biomedical studies.


3 Contribute to the development of Systems Biology in Mexico, with implications on personalized medicine.


Our efforts are directed towards the integration of theoretical methods with clinical and experimental data to understand the genesis and development of human diseases, formulate personalized treatments and therapies and contribute with solutions to health problems .


To achieve this, we have focused our line of research on modeling the metabolic states of different diseases. To this date we have projects that survey cancer metabolism in a variety of cell lines and tissues, analyzing transcriptomic and metabolomic data from a Systems Biology perspective, as well as the impact of the microbiome in diabetes using metagenomics.

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